Thursday, November 29, 2012

Em's first dentist visit

We took Emily to the dentist this morning and it went much better than I expected. I loved everything about the Smile Center and would recommend it to anyone with a little kid. Keith loves it, too!

When we first walked in, Em immediately saw the fish. She got to watch them while I filled out her form.

Then we were led back to their children's room. Off to the side there are some pretty cool toys and the dental hygienist played with Emily for a little bit to get her comfortable with the place as well as her.

After a few minutes we moved into the "other" room. Emily was scared to sit in the chair so when it came time for that Keith let her sit on his lap.

 The hygienist explained the whole process using this dinosaur and over-sized tools.

She even let Emily touch the toothbrush to see how it just tickles, doesn't hurt.

Emily thought the toothbrush was cool, but still didn't want to let it in her mouth.

The dentist came in and was able to get Emily to open her mouth, if only a little. She was cooperative (but still a little wary).

After the dentist, Emily decided she wanted to have her teeth brushed after all. We got two cleaned!

She loved the water!

Then it was time for a prize and a treat. What fun!



  1. Such a big girl! And what a fun place that is!

  2. where in provo is this place?

  3. where is this place in provo?

    1. It's at the Smile Center. Click on the link above to get their webpage and address.