Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Pro Haircut

Em got her first haircut at a hair salon last night. She's 19 1/2 months, and has had her hair cut by me 5 or 6 times already (buzzed it as early as 2 months, started trimming with scissors around 8 months) but Keith thought it would be a good idea to take her in somewhere that specializes in kid's cuts so she could have an actual "hairstyle".

She did really, really well. She wasn't happy or anything, but she did sit pretty still and didn't cry. The scariest part of the whole experience was probably the blow dryer. I've never dried her hair before.

Before. She liked sitting in the pink car and "driving". Oh, and she was watching Sponge Bob on a TV in front of her.

She loved holding onto her hair!

Getting her hair blow dried and styled

The back has a couple layers

The end result.

 I think that the bangs are a little too short, but those grow quickly. The back is cute and looks more like a bob than I was ever able to achieve. Overall a great experience!

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